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  • Porcelain Veneers

    veneersPorcelain Veneers are not just for celebrities anymore.  They are a common request in the world of cosmetic dentistry.  Anyone can have this simple procedure to get a radiant smile. During treatment for veneers, the tooth surface must be prepared by removing small amounts of tooth structure, generally from the front of an individual’s teeth. Using new techniques, a thin layer of porcelain veneer is custom made. This is then bonded onto the existing tooth.

    There are many advantages to having this procedure performed. People that have gaps in their teeth can fix this with porcelain veneers. Many people are embarrassed by discolorations on the teeth surfaces. We can whiten your smile as much as you like. We can give your smile a whole new look and even the size and shape of the teeth can be changed to look more appealing. With the new veneers, your new smile will be turning heads in no time.