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  • Dental Crowns and Bridges

    Dental Crowns: Sometimes a tooth becomes so damaged, a simple repair is out of the question. In these instances, a crown, often termed a cap, may be the treatment of choice. Any infected tooth structure must first be removed. Depending on the specific case, a filling may need to be inserted to fill in any large missing tooth structure. The whole tooth is afterwards reduced to ensure enough room for the crown. This crown will be fabricated using precise measurements to assure a proper bite pattern. Our dentists will be happy to explain the entire process to interested patients in need of this service.

    Dental Bridges: When someone has a missing tooth, a bridge might be necessary in order to fill in the space. All too often, people neglect to see the potential future damage that could occur if a bridge is not placed. Over time, teeth may shift and the entire bite can become out of alignment. Utilizing a bridge prevents this from occurring. To put it simply, a bridge is two crowns which are connected by a fake tooth. Our dentists will finish by cementing the structure. This is a fantastic fix for a missing tooth.