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  • Dental Implants & Bone Grafting

    dental implantsThis is an excellent place to turn to for Dental Implants & Bone Grafting/Socket Preservation. When people are missing one or more teeth, dental implants may be used to replace the missing teeth. Our skilled dentists will evaluate how much bone tissue is available in each specific case. For a dental implant to be successful, this information is critical. Dr. Charles Etheredge, Dr. Robert Schry, and Dr. Joseph Watson all have extensive expertise on these subjects and more. These caring doctors will explain the specifics about your unique case. This is an important component of comprehensive dentistry. These procedures can produce healthy and beautiful smiles.

    The art of dentistry has come a long way. People that come to this office have often feared living without one or more of their teeth. A dental implant can markedly improve an individual’s life. Sometimes bone grafting may be necessary. This office has the capacity to offer this helpful procedure. The doctors here can also take steps to insure socket preservation. Many patients leave this office in high spirits. The staff takes pride in ensuring that their patients are informed and remain comfortable.