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    fillingsDo you find yourself hesitant to smile due to unsightly dark colored fillings? We offer patients Esthetic/Tooth Colored Fillings as an alternative. The results are simply dramatic. People will feel free to smile widely. Our process makes the fillings look natural. We use composite fillings that are safe and blend flawlessly in with your teeth. Our dentists will match up the colors for the most successful results. These fillings are made from a resin based material. There is no metal or mercury involved. These fillings are effectively bonded to your existing teeth. Dental care has evolved with beneficial advances in technology.

    With these newer Esthetic/Tooth Colored Fillings, no one will notice. All people will see is a gorgeous smile. This is especially appealing to children and young adults. Peer pressure exerts a lot of influence in their lives. Many older folks are discovering the advantages of this procedure. Some people are happy with their smile for the first time in their lives. It is amazing what marvels that science and dentistry have to offer individuals today. Check into this procedure if you are dissatisfied with your current smile. We are happy to be a provider of this great service.