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    extractionOur patients know they are in experienced hands should an Oral Surgery/Tooth Extraction become necessary. This route may be recommended if your tooth is too damaged to repair. Our compassionate staff will explain the process and advise patients on what options are available following a Tooth Extraction and/or Oral Surgery. Our two highly qualified doctors are adept at making this procedure as comfortable as possible for each valued patient. Sometimes an abscessed tooth is what prompts an individual to seek relief. We handle this sort of problem quickly and effectively. Many of our patients are impressed with how relaxed they feel throughout all phases of this important procedure.

    By deciding to undergo your Oral Surgery enhanced Tooth Extraction here, you will quickly realize the many advantages. We offer safe sedation to those who need or want it. Furthermore, our office has many unique and stellar services to fit your specific dental health needs. We offer our patients a number of innovative ways to replace a missing tooth. Our staff will assist you through this time with novel approaches to providing exemplary Tooth Extractions and other Oral Surgery procedures. We are fast, friendly, experienced and firmly dedicated to providing exceptionally comfortable dental care.