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Many people have heard horror stories about Root Canals – Not in our dental office.

Procedures in our office are performed without any complications and with minimal discomfort. Our doctors put patients at ease in our calm and friendly environment. Our patients are thrilled at how easy this entire process is. If you feel like you may need a root canal, do not delay!

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No problem.

Sign up for our in office savings plan to receive a discount on your Endodontics and root canal treatment!

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Our Dental Office

Patient comforts

Mild Sedation

Our entire dental staff is empathetic to those that fear going to the dentist. This practice focuses on meeting the needs of every single patient that enters the door. For some, we offer an oral sedative that will make relaxation easier. Patients remain conscious throughout the appointment, but some may not remember much about the actual experience. This is a terrific service for those that suffer from high anxiety. Patients that are anxious are treated with the utmost respect. Do not let anxiety keep you from getting the dental care that you need. Ask about this wonderful option, and make your appointment soon.

In addition to the utilization of a mild sedative, our office is designed to help people relax. Our entire team is warm, and they really listen to their welcome patients. This service provides a way for people to let go of their fears of visiting the dentist. This method is safe and helps many get the dental attention that they deserve. We provide a serene atmosphere to make your visit all the more pleasant. After trying this service, you may actually look forward to your next visit. Patients come first at this compassionate practice.

Blankets & Pillows

To ensure your comfort, we offer cozy blankets and neck pillows in each operatory.

Coffee, Tea & Bottled Water

Our lobby features a state-of-the-art Keurig® Coffee Maker with a variety of coffees and teas to choose from. We also have cold bottled water available.

Wi-Fi (Wireless Internet)

For your convenience, we offer wireless internet throughout the office so that you can stay connected throughout your visit!

Flat-Screen Television

All of the operatories are equipped with flat screen televisions with cable so you can catch up on the market, watch your favorite team, or check out your favorite afternoon talk show during your appointment.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones with iPods

Smiles in the Gardens offers noise canceling headphones to help silence the noises of the dental office. The iPod’s are loaded with a variety of songs from many genres, as well as Pandora® Radio to ensure that your music selection of choice is available at the touch of a button.

Feel Confident with Our

experienced dental team

  • pgrs-img-9 Patients Served
  • pgrs-img-2 Google Star Rating
  • pgrs-img-3 satisfied Patients

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