When Is Tooth Extraction Necessary?

When Is Tooth Extraction Necessary?

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Your dentist will go above and beyond to keep your natural teeth intact. However, when saving your painful tooth isn’t possible, they may refer you to an oral surgeon in Palm Beach Gardens to have it extracted. Although getting a tooth pulled isn’t a walk in the park, it may be necessary for situations where leaving the bad tooth could lead to more serious oral health concerns.  

Tooth extraction is a dental solution that involves the removal of a tooth from its alveolus or socket. While general dentists and periodontists can perform this procedure, oral surgeons often carry out tooth extraction.  

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Signs You Need to Get Your Tooth Pulled 

Severe Tooth Decay 

Tooth decay results from the buildup of plaque and tartar on the surface of teeth. As these deposits weaken the tooth enamel and the condition gets bad enough, plaque and tartar buildup may cause an infection to develop. When an infected tooth causes intense pain, your oral surgeon may need to remove the tooth and replace it with a dental implant or another form of dental restoration to prevent bone loss and other oral health issues. 


If your mouth doesn’t have enough space to accommodate an emerging wisdom tooth, the erupting tooth will cause pain in the back of your jaw as it presses against the neighboring molar. Moreover, the impacted wisdom tooth will jostle for space and cause your other teeth to move out of position.  

Since crooked teeth are challenging to clean, this condition increases the risk of developing tooth decay, cavities, and infection. Unless your oral surgeon pulls the problematic tooth, you’ll experience more severe dental issues you wouldn’t want to deal with. 

Gum or Periodontal Disease 

Without regular brushing, flossing, and professional dental cleanings, plaque ad tartar will build up on teeth, irritate the gums, and cause gum disease. It’s worth noting that patients can develop various gum conditions that significantly impact the bone that supports the teeth. However, the most common conditions include gingivitis and periodontitis.  

While gingivitis refers to the inflammation of the gum tissue surrounding the teeth, periodontitis refers to the inflammation of the bone that supports the teeth. Once the bone deteriorates too much, the oral surgeon may recommend tooth extraction in favor of a dental implant or bridge to preserve the existing teeth. 


Accidents can cause significant physical damage to teeth. Furthermore, tooth extraction may be the only option if a car crash or a stray baseball that came at you wreaked havoc on your pearly whites.  

What to Expect in a Tooth Extraction Procedure 


Before your extraction, you and your oral surgeon will discuss your course of treatment. This is your chance to get specific answers to questions or concerns you might have. Moreover, you’ll want to write down your thoughts ahead of time to ensure that you’ve covered everything. 


Your oral surgeon will apply local anesthesia to the extraction site until it’s completely numbed. Although you may feel pressure during the procedure, you shouldn’t feel any pain. 

Loosened Tooth 

Your oral surgeon may use forceps and a dental elevator to lift and loosen the tooth. 


Once the tooth is ready, the oral surgeon removes it from the socket and stitches the opening in the gum to close the wound.  

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