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    root canalMany people have heard horror stories about Root Canals. In our experience, most of these procedures are performed without any complications. Our staff is well versed in putting patients at ease. We strive to provide a calm and friendly environment. Patients will feel welcome with the very first greeting. A root canal necessity is usually due to trauma or decay. With either of these events, the tooth’s nerve may cease to properly function. Patients may experience pain if they wait until the tooth or the surrounding area becomes infected. Our office handles routine exams, and we diligently watch for signs of this issue.

    Nowadays, a root canal is nothing to fret about. Our experienced doctors will use specialized instruments to remove the affected nerve. After this is accomplished, the canal area is thoroughly cleaned and then shaped. Patients can expect a root canal specialized filling material to be placed temporarily. The patient will then be scheduled to complete the final restoration. Our patients are thrilled at how easy this entire process is. The first step is getting an initial exam. If you feel you need this procedure, do not delay.