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Restorative dentistry can return your mouth to a healthy, functioning, and beautiful smile. Our skilled team of doctors are adept at diagnosing and treating any form of dental issue that you may be having. Restorative dental work can include procedures that remove decay through dental fillings and crowns, to the extraction of teeth, to bridges and implants to replace missing teeth. Our team will help determine what the best options are to restore a beautiful, functioning smile that can last you for a lifetime.

Fixed Hybrid Dentures

Fixed Hybrid Dentures are an excellent solution for those who suffer from several broken, missing, or heavily decaying teeth in a single arch. Once completed, a hybrid denture functions similar to regular teeth, including being able to eat normal foods (yes, even steak!). Hybrid dentures are “fixed” to implants that are placed where the natural teeth once were which provide amazing support and comfort. Unlike traditional dentures, a fixed hybrid does not rely on suction or gravity to keep it in place, meaning no rocking, coming lose, or discomfort.


Sometimes a tooth becomes so damaged, a simple repair is out of the question. In these instances, a crown, often termed a cap, may be the treatment of choice. Any infected tooth structure must first be removed.


When someone has a missing tooth, a bridge might be necessary in order to fill in the space. All too often, people neglect to see the potential future damage that could occur if a bridge is not placed. Over time, teeth may shift and the entire bite can become out of alignment. Utilizing a bridge prevents this from occurring.


When people are missing one or more teeth, dental implants may be used to replace the missing teeth. In many cases a dental implant is preferable to a bridge because it is a more permanent option and does not require placing crowns on the teeth adjacent to the one missing. First, we will evaluate how much bone is available in each specific case and when necessary, place a bone graft to preserve the site where the implant will be placed. In many cases, implants can be placed the same day that a tooth is extracted.

Composite Fillings

Fillings have long been used as a solution to remove decay within teeth and replace the area with a material that provides strength and structure. For years, amalgam or “silver” fillings were used for this treatment. This option has generally fallen out of practice due to the possible health concerns related with the use of amalgam, as well as the unsightly nature of these silver fillings within teeth. Composite fillings, which are specifically formulated to match the color of your teeth, provide the same result as an amalgam filling without any of the unwanted mercury.

Traditional Dentures

A denture is a removable prosthesis that replaces all of an individual’s teeth either on the upper or lower arch. A partial denture is also a removable prosthetic device that is made to replace several teeth on an arch. The most common complaint we hear about partials and dentures is that they are uncomfortable, but they don’t have to be. Discomfort is often a sign of a poorly fitting denture or partial. Our team of doctors will work to make your partial or denture looks and feels great.

Root Canals

Many people have heard horror stories about Root Canals. In our experience, most of these procedures are performed without any complications and with minimal discomfort. Our doctors put patients at ease in our calm and friendly environment. A root canal is usually necessary due to either trauma or decay. With either of these events, the tooth’s nerve may cease to properly function. Patients may experience pain if they wait until the tooth or the surrounding area becomes infected.

Oral Surgery

Extractions may be recommended if a tooth is too damaged to repair. Our compassionate staff will explain the process and advise patients on what options are available following a tooth extraction and/or oral surgery. Our highly qualified doctors are adept at making this procedure as comfortable as possible for each patient. Teeth that need to be extracted can often be extremely painful, usually due to infection in the tissue surrounding the tooth. We keep this potential discomfort in mind and reserve emergency appointments especially for patients who are in extreme pain. Many of our patients are impressed with how relaxed they feel throughout all phases of oral surgery.

Our Patients Say...

I can’t believe I’m giving a dentist five stars but they truly are the best! If you have to do it, and you do, Smiles has the best people I’ve ever dealt with in any doc’s office! I highly recommend Maggie and Dr Watson!!!
Deborah Fisher
Deborah Fisher
14:12 05 Sep 18
The customer service in this office is excellent! I was greeted warmly by everyone that I encountered ( and it felt genuine). I was given a tour and introduced to staff in different areas of the practice, and presented with thoughtful complimentary gift. I was engaged in a “get to know me” kind of conversation with the dental hygienist. When she (Diana?) introduced me to Dr Etheredge she shared with him my “mini bio” he was able to learn a little about me as a person – and not only that I had tooth pain. He was amazing, engaging and knowledgeable as well. Overall, a great experience! “Six Stars”!read more
Cheryle Richardson
Cheryle Richardson
19:22 23 Aug 18
I have been going to Smiles in the Gardens for longer than I can remember. I recently moved to Lake Worth which makes it quite a drive for me – but I won’t change my dentist- I love this staff and the warm, welcoming atmosphere. I was extremely afraid of the dentist due to some bad dentistry when I was younger. Dr. Schry has worked with me and now I have no fear – I trust him and his staff completely to make sure I’m taken care of and pain more
Elaine McCarthy
Elaine McCarthy
12:27 15 Aug 18
This team went of their way to make my experience genuinely painless while providing highly professional expert dental services. They evaluated my status and detailed a program of care to restore my smile. Wonderful experience, thank you.
Olga Leddy
Olga Leddy
01:19 09 Aug 18
First of all the staff is incredible from the time you check in through check out. Julianne assisted me at the front desk and she was all smiles and very helpful. Nicole was the hygienist who did my cleaning. She was thorough, fast and kind and didn’t hurt me once. She also listened to me when I told her about a situation I was having in my mouth and handled it perfectly. Dr. Shry is great. I’ve been using him for too many years to remember. He has treated my whole family, my 4 children, who are now grown and me, who will keep going to him even after he retires. He addressed the issue in my mouth and made me feel calm and took away what I was concerned about. He did my exam that would have been done after my cleaning at that time so that when my cleaning was done I was free to go. Check out was easy as well and I signed up for a special package for my cleanings and my crowns that I scheduled. If you are looking for a dentist stop looking and call Smiles in the Gardens, you can’t go wrong here. Thank you all at this more
Robin Simon
Robin Simon
13:09 02 Aug 18
I had a wonderful experience with this office and its staff! I highly recommend considering this dental office if you are looking for one. They ensure you are comfortable throughout your entire appointment and communication is at their forefront. This office personalizes and caters to each of their patients. They are also organized and thorough throughout the exam. My dentist was Dr. Maria Estrada and my dental hygienist was more
Dana Marin
Dana Marin
15:16 10 Jul 18
My family moved to Florida just about a year ago. I needed to find a new dentist. I was up late one night and saw your tv commercial. It appealed to me because of the patient centered environment. Well, I am happy to report that I love being a patient of Dr. Watson and Bari. Dr. Watson is an awesome dentist with a wonderful way about him. Bari and the staff are exceptional, courteous and offer a beautiful and clean office environment. They aren’t the cheapest, but who wants to go to a cheap dentist? You will find great value more
Robert Petcove
Robert Petcove
12:32 07 Jul 18

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