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    TMJThe Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) attaches the jaw to the skull and is a source of pain for many people. As many as 35 million Americans suffer from pain related to problems with TMJ. Symptoms of a TMJ disorder can include headaches, loss of sleep, difficulty eating, locking jaw, clicking in the jaw and ear, earaches, neck pain and shoulder pain. The severity of these symptoms can increase due to stress and trauma. Some patients who suffer from TMJD experience mild to moderate symptoms that have little effect on their day to day life. For other patients, the symptoms of TMJD can be debilitating. At Smiles in the Gardens, we offer treatment that can bring relief to those who suffer from TMJ issues.

    The traditional treatment of TMJD has been limited to a bite guard, which is also referred to as an occlusal splint or night guard. These bite guards are worn at night and help ease the symptoms of TMJ issues.