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At our office, sophisticated Digital X-ray Technology is utilized. We take the concerns about our patient’s fears of overexposure to radiation seriously. Dental X-rays are an important component to providing the best care possible. While dental X-rays have been significantly reduced for a number of years, we take it a step further. Digital X-ray’s have been shown to reduce radiation exposure by more than half. This is due to the significant advances in digital radiography technology. Our patients can be assured that they are getting high-quality imaging with less radiation exposure. This is just one more reason why our patients choose our exemplary services.

Many people find dental X-rays to be an uncomfortable experience. One of the benefits of Digital X-rays is that the process is quick. Our patients are amazed by how simple this important procedure is. Our dental professionals like the many advantages that Digital Technology brings. An accurate assessment of the mouth can be easily and rapidly obtained. In addition, our office has a large monitor that can display the results. Patients are able to see potential problems before any decision is made. Our patients are able to make an informed decision with this revolutionary diagnostic technology.

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