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A teeth cleaning by a Registered Dental Hygienist is performed in our office to remove plaque and tartar deposits that build up over time. If allowed to accumulate the plaque and tartar will form calculus, which can become a breeding ground for bacteria in your mouth. Constant bad breath? There is a good chance you have a buildup of calculus on your teeth. Good oral hygiene is the basis of preventing tooth decay. A hygienist will give you helpful tools for practicing homecare that will help keep your teeth healthy overtime.

A professional teeth cleaning or a prophylaxis is recommended once every six months for most patients. During the appointment, our hygienists will clean the surface of your teeth that you can see, as well as above the gum line, where you can’t see. Keeping this areas above the gum line clean is crucial to good oral hygiene. Ever notice your gums are inflamed and red? There is a good chance you have something stuck under your gums. We offer several types of cleanings in our office including the basic prophylaxis, a gross debridement, and scaling & root planning periodontal treatment. During your exam, the doctor will evaluate your mouth to see which type of cleaning is best for you.

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